Numerous fitness trackers, apps, and other gadgets are available to help you better care for your physical and emotional health. So, it’s not surprising that the smart water bottles exist.

We can’t live without water. Aside from that, staying hydrated keeps our bodies working well, keeps our skin glowing, and keeps our energy levels up all day. But even though it sounds easy, remembering to drink enough water every day has become hard.

Do we really require a smart water bottle? But what is smart about this new generation of water bottles? Is hydration technology becoming an important part of wellness technology?

Some people might love a tracking device that syncs with their health app, but others might think it’s silly for a water bottle to be connected. Even if you don’t need the technology, a stylish water bottle is a must-have for the gym, so why not make it smart?

At the end of the day, a smart water bottle has done its job if it makes you want to drink out of it. It can be compact in size to save space, have self-cleaning technology that you sometimes have to wash by hand, or be Bluetooth-connected to track how much you drink.

A smart water bottle is really just a drinking vessel smartly designed to solve a hydration problem. Not all smart water bottles run on batteries. 

The idea behind smart water bottles

Even though the word “smart” is used in a lot of different ways these days, in this case it usually means that the water bottle is connected to your phone, usually through Bluetooth.

Some water bottles have smart lids with sensors that can tell you how much you need to drink, how hot or cold your water is, and what your daily goal is. Some smart lids also have a display built in, so you can see information in real time when your phone isn’t around.

A few smart water bottles are made with different people in mind, but they do figure out how much water you should drink every day based on things like how active you are and whether or not you’re pregnant.

There are also very simple options, like the Hidrate Spark, which just lights up when it’s time to drink. Or there are smart water bottles with very simple technology that keep track of how much water you drink with simple “dots” throughout the day. No phone is needed.

Why do you want a smart water bottle?

Smart water bottles work in a lot of the same ways that other fitness trackers and tech do. They remind you to form good habits, keep track of what you do, and sometimes make your daily life more like a game. They also help you set goals and stick to them.

One important way to improve your health and fitness is to drink enough water every day. Sadly, there are a lot of statistics that show that very few of us drink enough water. Most people don’t drink any water on any given day. Instead, they drink drinks with lots of calories and sugar.

Even though we could all probably use a little more water during the day, not everyone will be interested in smart water bottles.

But let’s not forget that some people might need a smart water bottle for less obvious reasons. There are people who need to drink a lot of water for health reasons; older people who might forget to drink enough without a reminder; and people whose jobs require them to focus so much that they forget to eat and drink.

A lot of the smart water bottles keep your water cool on their own, even without the technology. You don’t have to give up style to be tech-savvy.

There are many more smart water bottles on the market, each differing in price, performance, and features. Some of them are

Water Bottle PRO smart water bottle

The Hidrate Spark was a smart linked water bottle. This monitor lights up to remind you to drink water. It is available from Apple.Advanced technology changes hydration targets based on body type and activity level. Its clever sensors integrate your drinking data with your phone for a connected existence. It has a location tracking feature. “Find my water bottle” works like “Find my iPhone.”

Bottle PureVis

The LARQ bottle doesn’t measure hydration through an app, but it prepares it for drinking. LARQ uses UV-C light to remove microorganisms in between washes. Due to their effectiveness, UV-C light sanitization devices have increased during the epidemic. For quick clean up press 60-second light bath button. When not in use, it self-cleans every two hours for the cleanest water.

UVC Bottle

With UVC technology in Monos’ Kiyo UVC water bottle, 99.99 percent of microorganisms are eliminated. You may fill your water bottle from the tap, lake, river, or refrigerator and drink it safely. Swipe once for rapid clean mode (60 seconds) or twice for deep clean mode (three minutes).

Smart-connected hydration bottle

Thermos introduced a smart lid and an iPhone app that tracks water intake through Bluetooth. The sensor tube measures liquid volume and temperature over time.It acts as a real-time hydration coach with push notifications. 

The Thermos app syncs with Fitbit to track your daily hydration. You may fill in your data in the app to get a customised hydration target for the day.

IBTB2BB Speaker Bottle and 3-in-1 Water Bottle

This smart water bottles features a removable Bluetooth speaker for music lovers. It doesn’t measure hydration, but it’s a fun way to always remember your water bottle for a day’s adventure. Take it hiking, to the beach, or anywhere (where bumping those jams out loud is acceptable, of course).

A hydrogen glass generator– smart water bottle

SPE PEM technology turns water into hydrogen water. This smart bottle ionizes water, making it more accessible by injecting molecular hydrogen. 

Wellness enthusiasts may know about hydrogen water’s advantages. Hydrogen water contains hydrogen gas that may be anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Researchers think it reduces aging, enhances mineral absorption, and speeds muscle repair. Those looking to stay on top of the newest health trends (and brag about it) will adore this hydrogen-forming smart water bottle.


LED lights on the lid display how much water you’ve consumed today. It vibrates when you need to drink and tracks how much water you’ve consumed today. Drink temperatures are also measured.

It can track your water intake without a smartphone. Even though it takes seconds, this reduces friction.


It measures how much water you’ve drunk and how much you need.

It calculates the proper quantity of water depending on your activity level, age, height, weight, local weather, and if you’re pregnant or nursing. Shake the spring to sync it with the Bellabeat app.


It can measure your water intake, send you reminders to drink, and show your progress over time. The software may also give a tailored hydration target for the day.

The H2OPal comes with a water bottle, but the sensors are in the silicone bands. You might use another glass or plastic bottle.

The EQUA Smart Bottle 

It indicates when you need to drink. The software calculates how much water you’ve consumed using the bottle’s accelerometer.

Hydra TechBottle

isn’t concerned with persuading you to drink more water, but it does claim a variety of tech capabilities, including a light, a power bank, a speaker, a loudspeaker, and a sleep sounds app. Tech-savvy campers will love it.