Yes, you can change your life by using positive thinking.

It seems that the human mind can never stop thinking. Subconscious thoughts are always going through our minds, whether we want them to or not. They affect everything we do. 

Whatever you think about over and over, that’s exactly what you’ll get in your life. When you think about the bad things, you’ll get more bad things. But when you think about the good things, your whole world opens up.

The Power of Positive Thinking: Studies have shown that thinking positively makes you live longer, makes you less lonely, and does other things as well.

When we were young, our thoughts seemed to be nothing but good. Have you ever been with a 4-year-old who didn’t like his own painting? The children are always happy, excited and take pride in their work. But as time goes on, we fill our minds with doubts, fears, and bad things to say about ourselves.

Think positively and you’ll be happier.

Even though there are some things in life we can’t change, we can often change how we respond to them. Happiness is a choice, and you can figure out on your own what makes you happy.

We may not be able to completely control our happiness, but we can still have a big impact on it.It’s not always easy, but if you focus on the good things instead of the bad ones, you can turn a bad day into a good one.

“A pessimist sees the problem in every chance they get, while an optimist sees the chance in every problem.”

—Winston Churchill

Just laugh more.

Even a fake smile lowers your heart rate and blood pressure when you are stressed. When you watch a funny video you like, it’s hard not to smile. So try that when you’re stomping your feet in line or getting angry about something at work or at home.

Think positively and take control of your own destiny.

The promotion you worked hard for didn’t happen. Your job is over. You’re single. You have health problems that keep coming back. Many of us will have to deal with these hard situations. 

You say that other people caused your problems. Or do you turn inward? People who are successful have a focus on internal control. This means that they take responsibility for their own thoughts, actions, and feelings. This method gives you confidence and makes it easier to start over when you fail. The rest will fall into place.

Your life is only in your hands. You can’t control what happens, but you can control how you react to it.You can begin to think positively once you’ve fixed what you can.

Positive Thinking Builds Resilience.

Resilience is the ability to deal with bad things and/or stressful situations.

Don’t give up when things go wrong. So you had a bad day last week? Or maybe you had a bad week where you let bad thoughts run your life? So what!

Since we’re only human, we’re bound to have a bad day every now and then. It’s important to realize that everyone has negative thoughts from time to time. Happiness doesn’t last forever. Even the happiest person in the world has had bad days and felt sad.

So what if all you can think about today is bad things? Don’t worry about it. Tomorrow is a new day, and you can try again to work on this.

Break down each problem into smaller “challenges.”

When you’re dealing with a lot of bad things, like a stressful project or problems in a relationship, you should try to break that problem down into smaller problems.

For instance, if you have to give a big presentation at work on Friday, try to break this big task down into several smaller ones:

Even though this isn’t a good example for you, the message is still the same. If you take it one step at a time, you can overcome almost any problem, no matter how big it seems.

Treating yourself with kindness is an important step in positive thinking.

We’re our own worst critics, and when we’re upset, we can’t stop putting ourselves down. Try telling yourself a nice thing to get rid of the negative self-doubt. A positive focus helps us keep a positive attitude. 

If you’re in a bad situation, you should always be realistic and keep a good attitude. Imagination kills faster than reality because most of the things we worry about don’t turn out the way we thought they would.

Last, know that pain is real and that suffering is a choice. Never let yourself feel sorry for yourself.

Taking control of your body helps to build positive thinking.

Your body and brain respond to how you think. Take pride in how you look and how your body works. Change your posture to show that you are strong, happy, and willing to listen. Stop moving around and twirling your hair. When you feel nervous and start to twitch or slouch, stand up straight. A powerful stance will go with a good attitude.

People will respond well to the things you do with your body. When you and other people are optimistic, it’s easier to think positively, creating a feedback loop. Then you can turn your attention to other people and ask three important questions to figure out what you can give to the world and other people.

Positive Thinking: Reframe your thoughts

Security slows you down at the airport. The person at the desk is rude. When another airline worker hears, they apologize and give you a better seat.

Once you’re in the air, do you think about problems at the airport or enjoy your roomy seat and free drink? Do you think the delay is a waste of time or a chance to catch up on things? 

You can look at the bad parts or the good parts of every situation, but focusing on what bothers you can make your life worse. People won’t be nice to you if you’re not friendly. You can punish people who don’t meet your standards, but this can hurt relationships and make people hate each other. You’ll forget that you can handle anything and think it’s impossible to have a good attitude.

Positive thinkers’ word choice

Changing the words you use is a good way to think positively. The words you say and think about change how you think. Talking and thinking positively about yourself is good for your mental health and helps you handle your feelings.

Are you scared or nervous about that job presentation? Are you “mad” at your partner or upset about a bad habit? When you use less emotional words, you see things in a more positive light.

Identify the people you admire and look to them as role models.

Think about someone who has changed you. It could be a friend, family member, or even a famous person, athlete, or business owner you’ve never met. What does she live by? Positive thinking opens the door to amazing lives.

You might also find success if you think positively. When you can’t think of anything good and are falling into bad habits, read a quote. Read it and decide how you want to live. You could write it down and put it on the fridge or computer screen.

Infuse positive energy into your thoughts and actions.

Look at the people around you who you think could use a mental or emotional boost. You’ll not only help other people, but you’ll also get a lot out of it.

Being kind with your thoughts and actions not only gives you a break from your own thoughts and feelings, but it also makes you feel good. It can get you going in the right direction and make you feel good about having something to start with. When things are going well, you’ll be in a better position to start fixing things inside.

Postive Thinkers Avoid unhealthy codependency.

Think about the girlfriend who calls and complains again and again about how she continuously dates losers or the best friend who’s always begging for a loan of $100. These are just two examples. She knows she can always talk to you and cry on your shoulder, and he will always be grateful but never pay you back.

It’s one thing to understand and help someone. It’s something else to use yourself as a place to dump your emotions and thoughts and let yourself be taken for granted. In fact, studies have shown that staying in bad relationships for a long time can lead to serious health problems.

One Last Thing

When you think positively, you don’t get angry or annoyed, so you can enjoy the situation. By thinking about happy things, you’ll change the way you think and build a grateful, open-minded attitude to abundance.

In the end, there’s no question that we can’t always control how we feel. But there are a few things we can do to at least improve how we think in situations where we can choose how to react to things outside of ourselves.

I hope you now know what to do in these kinds of situations. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to change your own mind so that you think positively and stop thinking negatively.