Many of us grew up watching movies and TV shows that showed how amazing robots could be. Robots showed us how great the future could be. Our eyes are trained to look for the mechanical humans made famous by Isaac Asimov and others like him, so we often miss the most affordable robots around us. However, they have started to become a part of our lives, even though we don’t usually notice them. Humanoid robots aren’t the ones that have started to change our lives. Instead, it’s bots that do boring work that you’d rather not do yourself.

Affordable Robots 1:Anki Vector Robots

The robot is only a little less than three inches tall. This little home robot is packed with personality. It’s always on, fully autonomous, and capable of performing around 1,000 different animations. Vector can also react to his environment in a way that’s disarmingly lifelike. That includes being able to recognize specific people with an HD camera built in or reacting to their touch with a capacitive touch sensor on their back.

Vector can be controlled by voice and can do anything from taking pictures to setting timers. It can do these things without Alexa, but turning on its Alexa features makes it even more useful. Vector does have strong navigational tools that let it avoid obstacles and recognise people. When Vector’s power is low, it will find its way back to a charging station on its own.

There are also some Alexa features that Vector can’t do, like play music, but you can ask Vector to dance if you start a song on a different speaker. 

As for compatibility, Vector is planning to offer a fair amount of support for some of the other connected tools likely already in your home. The company wants its little bot to be able to send messages to the contacts on your linked iOS or Android device, connect with your security camera integrations, and support services like Tile and Amazon Alexa.

You can buy the robot from Amazon for $465.

Affordable Robots 2:Miko 3

The Miko 3 is an “advanced personal robot for kids.” It looks very friendly, with a moving face and a body that stands up straight. The Miko uses computer vision to see faces, objects, and the environment around them and remember them.

Miko’s got dozens of emotions (and a few tricks up its sleeve). Not only knowing your name and calling you by it, but also responding to how you’re feeling and getting to know you a little better every day. Need a laugh when you’re feeling bad? If you’re bored, why not dance? Miko’s on it. It’s not just the smartest little robot you’ll ever meet. It’s also a friend of yours.Miko is just as comfortable starting a conversation as he is having a dance party. All he needs is a partner in crime.

Your child can also talk to Miko, and he or she will respond. It also matches how your child is feeling by using AI algorithms and natural cues. For example, a robot won’t be overly happy when it sees a sad child. Instead, it might show concern. Miko uses the same algorithms to learn what your child likes and becomes their friend.

You can also choose from a wide range of subjects for Miko to teach your child. These lessons aren’t taught in the usual way. Instead, they are brought up in conversation to make people curious and ask questions. The Miko 2 costs $400.

Affordable Robots 3:Rocki Robot

The Miko is for kids, but the Rocki Robot is only for pets. It’s a way to stay in touch with your pets even when you’re not there. Rocki has everything: it feeds your pet automatically; you can attach different toys to it; and it has a camera so you can check on your pet when you’re not at home. It’s not a home robot that can do everything, but rather one that does one thing very well.

The automatic feeder isn’t really for feeding. Instead, it’s for snacks. It can hold up to 15 treats that you can hand out when you want to.

Rocki likes to play chase. Fill each chamber with healthy treats, and then send your cat after Rocki around the house. Use a treat to keep the exercise and fun going.You can use this to train your pet while you’re away. For example, you can tell your new puppy to get off the couch. Those kids will get a treat if they listen.

If your pet is hiding, Rocki can go to different places. There isn’t just one place where you can throw treats. It can be moved around, which makes the interaction feel more natural. 

With the camera and the Rocki App, you can look in on your animals, talk to them, and even record video or take a picture if they’re doing something funny. It can also be a good way to calm a pet who gets upset when you are far away.

You can play with your pet while you’re away using the robot toy arm. The toy is a laser pointer by default, but you can put other toys on the arm. The Rocki can run for several days or a week before it needs to be charged again, and its wheels make it easy to move on carpets and other surfaces. It can turn on you quickly and even follow your pets around the house. The Rocki costs $250 at stores.

Affordable Robots 4:Enabot Ebo Pro

The Enabot Ebo Pro is a cute home robot that helps keep your home safe. It uses powerful AI to recognize faces, but not just those of people. The Ebo Pro can also learn the faces of your pets. This lets it follow your pet around the house so you can play with it and keep an eye on it. Even without a command from you, the Ebo Pro can record short video clips, which it then sends to your phone.

The Ebo Pro has two-way audio that lets you talk to both your pet and your family. The 1080p video stream gives you a wide view of your home, so you can check on your family and keep an eye on your home when you’re not there. Because it has a brushless motor, the Ebo Pro can move on its own and roll, roll, and turn almost silently.

It moves through the house at a top speed of about 1.6 meters per second. Again, like the Vector, the Ebo Pro isn’t a big robot, but its small size makes it a great way to play with your pets and keep an eye on your home without being too obvious.

Affordable Robots 5:Samsung Jet Bot Ai+

The robot vacuum Samsung Jet Bot AI+ does more than just clean. With its built-in camera, which can stream through the SmartThings app while it cleans, the Jet Bot AI+ can patrol your home and keep an eye out for trouble. This thing looks more like a robot tank than a vacuum because its wheels look like treads. Even though it’s sure to get people’s attention, it doesn’t look like it has a camera inside. In a way, this makes it one of the best home security systems you can buy. Most likely, a thief wouldn’t know they were being watched.

You can set up areas where the Jet Bot AI+ is not allowed to go. You can ask it to clean any room in your house if you need to check on something. Through the Smart Map, you can name each room. Even though it will be vacuuming the whole time, it’s not the most convenient way to check out a certain area. However, it does give this robot a level of integration that more smart home devices need.

Affordable Robots 6: Amazon’s Astro

Amazon said that Astro, which is like Alexa on wheels, can keep an eye on your elderly and young family members, keep an eye on your home security, and be at your beck and call for all your Alexa-command needs.

The robot can listen for sounds like glass breaking or smoke alarms and let you know. You can send Astro into the kitchen to check if you think you forgot to turn off the stove.

Astro is said to be able to recognize faces, look for an elderly person, and let caregivers know how the person is doing from a distance. Also, with future Alexa Together integration, you could set up routines to remind you to take medications, write shopping lists, get activity alerts, or check your blood pressure.

The bot is made to learn your routines so that it can help you more in your daily life. Astro, for example, uses a technology called Intelligent Motion to move around your home and avoid things like furniture and pets. This technology is supposed to learn from how you use it. This means that when you’re not using Astro, it will charge itself in a quiet area nearby.

The robot can follow you around and play music or podcasts. It can also check on other people in the house from afar. Astro can also make calls, send messages, set timers, alarms, and reminders. The robot even has a small storage bin that can be taken off. This lets you carry and deliver things, like a bottle of water, to specific people in the house by giving them a visual ID. Astro also lets you video chat, and if you move, the robot will follow you and keep you in frame, just like the Facebook portal does.

Astro can also connect to Ring’s security alarm system (more on that below), record video clips of events, and send them to Ring’s cloud. Continue reading to learn more about what Astro can do with a Ring Protect Pro and Alexa Guard subscription.